73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

Set photography for "73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker," a short film in the Vogue Diaries video series.



Seeing Myself For Myself

My current photographic project, Seeing Myself For Myself, utilizes the self-portrait genre as a healing method. In March 2012, my fiancee ended our relationship. I took it very hard and said little about it to anyone. Prior to turning the camera on myself, I chose to let her false and harmful words fester inside of me. They became the lens through which I saw myself. Exploring self-portraiture has empowered me to reclaim my own identity and redefine my sense of self.


Models and Lookbooks

A collection of look book images from shoots with Allie Fosheim (Next Models), Britt Bergmeister (Next Models), Courtney Lee (Click Models), Wylie Hays (Next Models), Abby Wheeler (BOSS Models), and Sarah Leigh Thompson.


Casualties of the Gridiron

In the 1980s, Gene Merlino was a fullback for Army at the US Military Academy at West Point, before a series of concussions cut short his football career and led to an honorable discharge. Decades later, Merlino, a successful businessman with a wife and three children, has recently begun to lose control of his life to alcohol abuse and recurring thoughts of suicide.

I traveled to West Point with documentary film maker, Isaac Solotaroff, as part of his crew, to shoot Gene at an Army football game.  Isaac's series "Casualties of the Gridiron" documents the lives of football players who are living with post-concussion syndrome. 

You can click on the image below to watch Gene's story.